Early involvement of the entire design team positively impacts the construction lead time and operational excellence leading to a sustainable approach.

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Digital Twin

A digital twin of your project provides insights into the impact of design choices, setting values and the ROI of sustainable improvements.


Building Information Monitoring

A coordinated BIM protocol is a precondition for a sustainable approach and has many advantages throughout the entire lifecycle of the building site.


Integrated Study Approach

As one stop study partner Arcade enquires an integrated approach across different disciplines throughout all phases.


Sustainablility guidelines

Certificates as official proof for sustainable projects.

Which of our other departments will contribute?

DIGITAL TWIN Building physics and simulations

How do you design a building without sacrificing on energy, daylight and thermal comfort?

Arcade has many years of experience in dynamic building modeling. These simulation models are used as a tool for improving energy use and for increasing the health and wellbeing of building occupants.

  1. Building techniques: We think along with you to optimize your building techniques by evaluating different concepts based on total energy use and TCO.
  2. Thermal comfort: What is the impact of direct sunlight on your building’s summer comfort? Can thermal comfort be guaranteed by passive measures?
  3. Indoor air quality: Do you want to improve well-being and working efficiency of your employeers by implementing a demand-driven and optimised ventilisation?
  4. Daylighting: How could we improve your visual comfort by finding balance between energy and daylight?

Digital information flow



  • Energy and visual comfort
    • Reduction of energy use and GHG emissions
    • Low carbon design
    • Daylight and glare control
  • Materials (Embodied carbon)
    • Life cycle assessment
  • Health and wellbeing
    • Thermal comfort
    • Indoor air quality
  • Clash detection
  • Flexible design


  • Shorter construction lead times
  • Clash detection and reduced failure costs
  • Accurate quantity determination
  • Construction follow-up
  • Improved health and safety standard


  • Shorter construction lead times
  • Clash detection and reduced failure costs
  • Accurate quantity determination
  • Construction follow-up
  • Improved health and safety standard


Sustainability guidelines such as BREEAM and WELL are a good practice for developing sustainable projects.

Arcade has certified BREEAM Assessors and WELL APs (Accredited Professional) who will define and secure sustainable practices in different domains of your project. On top of that, our experts are experienced to perform the necessary reports to confirm compliance.

If requested, your project can be certified with one of the following labels: BREEAM, WELL and GRO. GRO is the official sustainability indicator from the Flemish government.

Use case distribution center Montea Amazon

PROJECT SCOPE: Focus on sustainability

How to develop a state-of-the art sustainable warehouse?

  1. Have you already thought of the advantages using a BIM Protocol after design stage?
  2. Are you aware of the full potential of a digital twin? Arcade optimizes technical configurations together with the health and well-being of building occupants.
  3. Are you looking for a study partner providing expertise in a wide range of domains? Arcade will be your partner from concept to completion and even in operations.


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